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Poson Poya Day message of the JVP

Poson Poya Day, an important day for Sri Lankan Buddhists is today (3rd). The arrival of Mihindu Thero with Buddhism to Sri Lanka on Poson Poya Day provides a deeper meaning than just marking the appearance of another religion. With the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by Mhindu Thero, the influence of Buddhism on the social, economic and political whole and the life of the people in this country is enormous. Its impact on the value system of Sri Lankan society and the way of life that depends on it is unique. Also, the value of true Buddhism and Buddhist social philosophy based on non-violence is exceptionally high at a time when efforts are being made to inflame enmity against people, groups and religious thoughts in various ways. In all these circumstances, we should all intend to move forward by preserving positive social value systems, adding good things and getting closer to the true essence of Buddhism. We request that Sri Lankan Buddhists make Poson Poya Day, the day the Sri Lankan society achieve a new change, a day to resolve to start the journey towards a new change demanded by the current society. Anura Dissanayake Leader Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna 03.06.2023
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