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President to highlight SL green energy commitment at the WEF in Davos.


By: Staff Writer

January 15, Colombo (LNW): Sri Lanka President Ranil Wickrmasinghe will grace the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting which is to be commenced today Monday15, in -Klosters, Switzerland.

President Wickrmasinghe and the island nation’s delegation arrived in Davos yesterday to participate in the World Economic Forum (WEF), a distinguished gathering of world leaders, international organizations, and industry titans shaping the global agenda.

Beyond the WEF’s main conference, President Wickramasinghe will lead Sri Lanka’s presence at the Green Tech Forum, organized by the Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce.

The Sri Lankan President will be delivering the keynote address titled “Paving the way to an energy secure Sri Lanka and to highlight the nation’s commitment to sustainable development and green energy solutions.

Furthermore, Sri Lanka’s investment potential will be showcased at a business roundtable conference co-organized by the Sri Lanka Investment Board and the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce.

The WEF, a distinguished international stage, fosters interaction among leaders from diverse arenas such as government, international organizations, business, civil society, academia, and media.

Over 1,000 representatives are expected to converge at this event, deliberating on the moulding of global political, economic, social, and environmental trajectories.

During his stay in Switzerland, President Wickremesinghe will illuminate the Green Tech Forum with a keynote address.

This event, orchestrated by the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce, will witness him expound on the theme ‘Paving the way towards an Energy Secure Sri Lanka’.

The address is anticipated to shed light on his vision of steering Sri Lanka towards a future bolstered by sustainable energy.

Another significant part of his agenda is participation in the Business Roundtable.

Organized by the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka, in conjunction with the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce, this event presents a platform for meaningful dialogue on investment opportunities in Sri Lanka. Here, President Wickremesinghe will engage with business leaders and international investors, further fortifying Sri Lanka’s global economic relations.

Apart from the outlined events, the President’s itinerary also includes a series of bilateral meetings with fellow country leaders and key business figures. In these discussions, he will explore avenues to enhance Sri Lanka’s international ties and economic prospects.

A business delegation will accompany President Wickremesinghe, a testament to the serious intent behind Sri Lanka’s economic diplomacy.

The Sri Lankan Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva has been entrusted with coordinating the President’s visit.

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