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REVIEW: An evening at The Coconut Tree in Bournemouth


I usually stick to milder flavours and dishes, so I was intrigued to try somewhere more out of my comfort zone.

I bought my friend who is a frequent visitor to the restaurant. 

As we walked in, the sounds of Sri Lanka were playing, and we took time to admire the artwork painted on the walls.

Bournemouth Echo:

A waiter then showed us to our table and started offering recommendations on dishes and drinks which I appreciated after not knowing too much about Sri Lankan cuisine.

Once sat down, we delved straight into their ‘Cocotail’ menu, ordering drinks such as the ‘Hit me up mezcal’, ‘The drunken Sri Lankan’, ‘Raspbangin martini’ and the ‘Sriki Tiki’ throughout our stay.

A definite favourite for the drinks would have to be the Sriki Tiki, a dramatically delicious drink that arrived on fire.

There was an array of dishes on offer, a vegan section and a clear allergy QR code so you put your mind at ease from any allergies.

The waiter recommended that we start with the hopper, a coconut milk pancake served with coconut sambol, caramelised onions and a Sri Lankan salsa.

He also helpfully instructed us on the best way to eat the hopper, which is by mixing all the sauces and salsa together and rolling it up to enjoy a mixture of flavours and spices all at once. I can safely say this was delicious.  

With this restaurant, all the food is reasonably priced because it presents as a tapas board of sorts.

Altogether, we ordered the kalu maluwa, sticky coconut rice, beef brisket fried rice, parotta roti, devilled chicken wings, plain hopper and black pork.

My favourite dish would have to be the black pork paired with the beef brisket fried rice. The crispy pork belly matched with the ever so slightly spicy stir fry-styled rice made for a great combination of spices and taste.

The friendly staff double-checked everything was okay with a smile each time.

The beef brisket fried rice and sticky coconutty rice were specials only for a limited time, so if you’re visiting soon, make sure to get these before they go.

As we were leaving, we were waved goodbye by the kind staff and walked home feeling cheerful.

The Coconut Tree is on Old Christchurch Road in Bournemouth.

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