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Selyn Textiles displays SL handlooms at Dutch Design Week.


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): Selyn, one of Sri Lanka’s popular home-grown handloom brands has achieved yet another milestone in its 32 year journey by showcasing Selyn Textiles in the prestigious Dutch Design Week (DDW) in the Netherlands.

Their portfolio consisted of hand-woven textiles using Sri Lanka’s natural fibres including banana waste, all integrated with blockchain technology to transparently show the social and environmental impact within their supply chain.

The DDW is one of Europe’s most important showcases for design, concentrating on the design of the future and the future of design’ setting trends for the design industry globally.

This unique project took centre stage at the Kazerne, DDW’s premiere address showcasing design innovation and talent from across the globe.

Positioned between international designers and trendsetting brands from textiles, to design solutions and the latest cutting-edge technology, Selyn Textiles installation was an exemplary showcase of integrated regenerative materials, social development, climate mitigation, technology and sustainable growth coming from the global South of the world.

This showcase is the result of a visionary and collaborative partnership between Selyn Textiles and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Sri Lanka.

Following Selyn Textiles launch in Sri Lanka last October, with the leadership of Ambassador Bonnie Horbach, Selyn worked closely with Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands interior architect Nicole van der Velden, to rejuvenate its Colombo office and residence.

The core of this endeavour involved a sustainable and innovative approach, recycling old furniture and reupholstering it with the revolutionary blockchain-integrated fabrics developed by Selyn Textiles.

Dutch Ambassador Horbach said, “We had a unique opportunity to collaborate with Sri Lanka’s leading and innovative textiles manufacturer Selyn, to create a fully traceable and transparent partnership that traced people, planet and impact from fibre to finished products that sit in our office.”

“This ambitious initiative not only aligns with the Embassy’s circular economy objectives but also resonates deeply with Europe’s broader sustainability aspirations. However, it goes beyond mere environmental considerations.

The collaboration between the Embassy and Selyn Textiles challenges conventional norms and addresses fundamental issues of decolonization and equity.

The overarching goal is to shift power dynamics, recognize the intrinsic value of products from the global south, and ensure that profits flow back into the supply chain, benefitting all stakeholders,” she added.

Selyn’s next generation leader and Director of Business Development Selyna Peiris said, “This project had its origins during the height of the pandemic and the turmoil in the Sri Lankan economy and society.

Leveraging Selyn’s remarkable journey, my partner, Robert Meeder, and I identified a unique opportunity to unite our respective strengths and communities while harnessing technology and innovation.

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