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Sigiriya Tourism promotion gets under way with global art exhibition and fashion shows


By: Staff Writer

May 26, Colombo (LNW): A Master Plan is being implemented to develop Sigiriya, as the country’s first sustainable tourist destination with the contribution of all relevant parties while promoting it as a place of arts and cultural events and fashion shows, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau disclosed.

The special runway show in Sigiriya is expected to draw attention from international fashion enthusiasts, influencers and tourists, further enhancing Sri Lanka’s reputation as a vibrant and culturally rich destination.

Sigiriya, which is considered not only an important archaeological site in Sri Lanka but also a UNESCO world heritage, is a tourist destination with a high level of local and foreign tourist attractions.

The joint proposal to this effect submitted by the Tourism Minister Harin Fernando and the Buddhasashana, Cultural and Religious Affairs Minister Vidura Wickramanayake was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Sri Lanka plans to bring down international artistes, and hold water festivals to boost tourists, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Chairman, Chalaka Gajabahu said.

Tourism Promotion Bureau will be hosting a few international artists in September to December,”.he said adding a fashion show will also be conducted in Sigiriya.”

Sri Lanka is targeting 2.3 million tourists in the year 2024 with expectations that it may go up to 2.5 million Gajabahu said.

Sri Lanka is also planning on having a water festival in coastal towns such as Trincomalee, Arugambay  and Kalpitiya in order to showcase Sri Lanka’s capacity for watersports

Tourism Minister Harin Fernando has unveiled plans to showcase Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty through a special runway show to be held at Sigiriya.

He announced that the iconic Sigiriya Rock will serve as the backdrop for one of the country’s premier fashion events, the Colombo Fashion Week.

“Along with our efforts to promote Sri Lanka, we are creating a lot of events. Colombo Fashion Week, which is one of the top 20 fashion shows, is going to have a special event in front of Sigiriya,” he said.

Describing the initiative as a unique opportunity to showcase Sigiriya to the world, Fernando pointed out the significance of leveraging Sri Lanka’s diverse attractions to promote tourism.

By hosting events like the Colombo Fashion Week against the breathtaking backdrop of Sigiriya, he implied that Sri Lanka Tourism aims to capture the imagination of visitors and highlight the unique experiences the country has to offer.

Highlighting the success of similar initiatives in other countries, Minister Fernando expressed confidence in Sigiriya’s potential to become a globally recognised tourism destination. 

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