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SL discusses X-Press Pearl disaster claims with ship-owner, insurers in Singapore.


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): Sri Lankan delegation holds fruitful discussions with X-Press Pearl ship-owner, insurers in Singapore more than two years after the sinking of the cargo ship the X-Press Pearl, and still trying to claim compensation for the environmental damage caused to the country in an arbitration case filed in that country.

A nine-member delegation from Sri Lanka, led by the Attorney General, engaged in productive discussions with lawyers representing the interests of the X-Press Pearl ship-owner and their insurers this week, a statement issued by the President’s Media Division (PMD) noted.

It added that the meetings held on the 18 and 19 July, were organised in response to a request from the lawyers on behalf of their clients following the Sri Lankan Government’s claims action filed in Singapore back in April.

During the course of these discussions, both parties delved into various critical aspects related to the incident and its aftermath.

A significant focus was directed towards assessing the outstanding interim claims presented by the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) and the Ministry of Fisheries from the Government of Sri Lanka.

In response to the concerns raised by the Sri Lankan delegation, the ship-owner interests’ insurers provided assurance that they would promptly and efficiently evaluate these claims.

This reassurance comes as a positive development for the Sri Lankan Government, which has been actively seeking resolution and compensation for the environmental and economic impacts caused by the X-Press Pearl ship’s unfortunate incident.

The X-Press Pearl, which caught fire and sank off the coast of Sri Lanka on 20 May 2021, resulted in significant environmental damage and financial losses for the region.

The marine disaster which took place in May 2021 is considered to be one of the ‘worst marine disasters in the world’. Recent research by the Center of Environmental Justice (CEJ) found heavy pollution in the marine environment around the X-press Pearl shipwreck.

The incident drew international attention and prompted the Government of Sri Lanka to take legal action seeking compensation for the damages caused.

The recent meetings in Singapore mark a step forward in the negotiation process, as both parties work towards finding a resolution and addressing the aftermath of the maritime disaster.

The Sri Lankan delegation’s efforts to hold constructive discussions with the ship-owner interests’ lawyers and insurers demonstrate a commitment to finding a fair and equitable solution.

As the assessments of the outstanding interim claims proceed, it remains to be seen how the discussions will further unfold.

Both the Government of Sri Lanka and the ship-owner interests are expected to continue their engagement in search of a comprehensive resolution that will address the environmental, social, and economic implications stemming from the X-Press Pearl incident.

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