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SL firm OKLO introduces cutting-edge technology for East African Tea e-auction


By: Staff Writer

May 06, Colombo (LNW): OKLO Ltd., a leading Sri Lankan digital solutions provider with an emphasis on the tea industry, has announced a ground-breaking achievement in the world of tea exports.

It, has been acclaimed for its breakthrough digital solution that modernized the country’s traditional tea auction series that had been conducted physically for over four decade

Following a rigorous public tender process, OKLO has succeeded in securing, and then modernising the East African Tea E-auction process, marking a significant milestone in the global tea industry.

The East African Tea e-auction, based in Mombasa, Kenya, stands as the largest tea exporter in the world. Recognising the need for technological advancement, OKLO eagerly seized the opportunity presented by the public tender to revolutionise the end-to-end process with state-of-the-art technology.

Within a remarkably short timeframe, OKLO implemented and launched the e-auctioning platform in Mombasa, incorporating all requested customisations from stakeholders.

The response from stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive, with expressions of gratitude for the exceptional quality and robustness of the solution. Participants have lauded the seamless experience provided by OKLO, making their weekly selling activities both efficient and enjoyable.

The adoption of advanced technologies by OKLO has brought numerous benefits to the Mombasa Tea e-auction.

Notably, the time required to conduct a weekly auction has been reduced from three days to just 1.5 days. This efficiency gain not only streamlines operations but also provides the industry with an additional 1.5 days to allocate towards other value-adding activities.

Moreover, the wealth of information now available to users enables them to identify areas for improvement, thereby maximising value creation.

The unparalleled robustness of the OKLO e-auction platform has been exemplified by its flawless performance since going live.

The platform has been operational in the Colombo Tea e-auction for nearly three years with minimal technical disruptions, further cementing its reputation for reliability.

Designed as a multi-commodity e-auction platform, the OKLO platform offers unparalleled versatility.

Its architecture supports a wide range of commodities, and customisation is made effortlessly through an advanced configuration module. Whether for commodities such as coffee, rubber, maize, beans, cocoa, or any other industry, the platform can be tailored to suit specific needs with ease.

Looking ahead, OKLO is actively seeking partnerships with stakeholders in various commodities to enhance their auction systems. By converting current outcry methods or upgrading current e-auction systems to a world-class, robust platform with advanced functionalities and modules, OKLO aims to drive transformative change across multiple industries.

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