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SL Govt targets overseas criminals in drug trafficking & underworld


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): The Sri Lanka government is to seek international support to bust a huge trans-border drug racket being carried out by Lankan cooperatives overseas.

Officials said that the syndicate was based out of Sri Lanka, however, the mastermind’s appendage was spread across Middle East, France the Maldives and Australia.

Sri Lanka has initiated a special operation to arrest and repatriate 30 criminals engaged in drug trafficking and underworld activities from overseas, Public Security Minister Tiran Alles said.

He said the government has received intelligence reports on 29 underworld members operating in Dubai and one in France.

Minister Alles announced these measures during an event in Kirindiwela, confirming ongoing discussions with concerned countries for their extradition to Sri Lanka.

In response to queries about the islandwide ‘Yukthiya’ operation, Minister Alles clarified that there is no decision to halt the operation.He assured that the operation will be continued.

“Objections to ‘Yukthiya’ come from those hindering its progress. We aim to completely halt underworld and drug trafficking in the country within the next six months,” he said.

Commenting on actions against underworld members in Dubai and France, Minister Alles highlighted the complexity of legal procedures in these countries.

“Negotiations are underway with relevant nations, and we have obtained Interpol red notices for their arrest. Despite legal challenges, we are committed to bringing them to Sri Lanka,” he said.

When questioned on guaranteeing the complete eradication of the underworld and drug trafficking in six months, Minister Alles acknowledged the difficulty but emphasized taking maximum measures against these issues.

“While complete eradication may be challenging globally, we are dedicated to robust action against the underworld and drug trade,” he said.

In a major operation against drug trafficking, the Sri Lanka Police Special Task Force (STF) m apprehended two suspects in Mannar and seized a significant quantity of illegal drug pills smuggled from India. The estimated value of the confiscated pills exceeds Rs. 2.1 million.

The STF stated that the bust yielded approximately 18,000 drug pills.This operation forms part of the ongoing “Yukthiya” initiative, a police-led crackdown on the underworld and drugs.

Furthermore, in a separate but related development, authorities seized vehicles worth over Rs. 67 mn belonging to individuals suspected of being involved in drug trafficking and other criminal activities.

The vehicles were targeted as part of the ongoing “Yukthiya” operations.Police spokesperson SSP Nihal Talduwa affirmed that the crackdown will continue until December 23rd.

The Bureau of Rehabilitation has confirmed adequate capacity to accommodate individuals referred for rehabilitation under the “Yukthiya” program.

Its Commissioner, Major General Darshan Hettiarachi, assured that necessary facilities and resources are available to support the rehabilitation process, tailored to the individual needs and mental health conditions of each patient.

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