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SL’s first revolving restaurant and banquet hall opens at Lotus tower.


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): Sri Lanka’s ‘Blue Orbit’ in the sky first ever revolving restaurant and banquet hall, which is located 751 feet above the ground floor of the Colombo Lotus tower opened recently for visitors.

‘Blue Orbit’ restaurant and ‘Cosmic’ banquet hall sit at a height unparalleled in South Asia, officials of the management team said.

Citrus Leisure PLC and the Colombo Lotus Tower Management Company have announced the opening of ‘Blue Orbit’, South Asia’s tallest restaurant, and Sri Lanka’s first ever revolving restaurant today setting a new benchmark for dining experiences in Colombo.

Citrus Leisure is the exclusive operator of the iconic revolving restaurant and banquet hall at the Colombo Lotus Tower – South Asia’s tallest self-supported structure.

The ‘Blue Orbit’ restaurant is set to take dining out in Colombo to new heights, with a truly unique experience both in terms of ambiance and cuisine.

The ‘Cosmic’, the only banquet hall in Sri Lanka located 751 feet above the ground is another addition.

With seating capacity for 225 guests at any given time, ‘Blue Orbit’ promises an extraordinary dining experience with culinary creations designed to tantalize true connoisseurs.

This restaurant will feature an extensive international buffet for lunch and dinner, operating from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

For those seeking to celebrate milestones, whether on a personal or professional journey, Citrus Leisure also introduces the ‘Cosmic’ banquet hall, which stands as the tallest banquet venue in South Asia, with a seating capacity of 350 guests.

Citrus Leisure which exclusively manages Cosmic will offer specially curated menus for weddings and corporate events, guaranteeing that guests have a truly unique and memorable experience. ‘Cosmic’ too is set to be unveiled in early December.

Colombo Lotus Tower Management Company Ltd. CEO Major General Prasad Samarasinghe (Rtd) said: “As the Lotus Tower reaches new heights, Citrus Leisure takes the lead with regard to hospitality services at the Tower and become an integral part of our iconic structure.

This collaboration symbolizes not just elevated dining but a fusion of innovation and tradition, reflecting the spirit of Sri Lanka’s progress.”

Citrus Leisure CEO Chandana Talwatte said: “Blue Orbit and Cosmic are testaments to Citrus Leisure’s commitment to redefining dining and banqueting experiences in Sri Lanka.

Discussing the design of the restaurant and banquet hall, Chartered Architect and Designer Kamilka Perera said: “the goal was to capture the essence of sophistication to elevate the dining experience.

From the celestial-inspired themes to the seamless blend of comfort and style, every element is meticulously curated to ensure that every visit is a sensory delight.”

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