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South Asia Festivals & Culture Academy (SAFCA 2024) Intermediate Course: British Council calls for applications


Colombo (LNW): In collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University, the British Council is calling for entries to the South Asia Festivals & Culture Academy (SAFCA), addressing the rise of both independent and major arts and culture festivals.

This innovative programme connects festival aficionados with industry professionals, promoting an online knowledge exchange in India and its surrounding South Asian nations.

The SAFCA Intermediate Course is set to commence in January 2024, accepting applications until 19 November 2023.

SAFCA offers tailored short courses, aimed at arming festival organisers with vital skills for navigating the dynamic festival scene.

The curriculum includes international curation, leadership, financial handling, operations, marketing, risk control, health measures, equality, diversity, inclusion, and eco-friendliness.

Orlando Edwards, Director British Council in Sri Lanka commented:

“The significance of strong festival management skills cannot be overstated. We know from the UK’s extensive and vibrant festival scene, that better managed festivals, and more skilled festival managers results in greater sustainability and more possibilities for growth across the arts festival sector. The South Asia Festival Academy presents an exceptional opportunity for artists, performers, and individuals engaged in or interested in the festival industry to cultivate their business acumen within an inclusive setting while benefiting from the expertise of international festival professionals.”

“Festivals are universally acknowledged as platforms for artistic expression, cultural enrichment, and inclusivity, with a substantial impact on local economies. They hold immense cultural significance in both the UK and Sri Lanka, and make a significant economic contribution to local economies. We look forward to receiving a number of Sri Lankan applications for the Academy.”

The intermediate course provided by SAFCA encapsulates three years of expertise, having been refined to align with BA Hons academic courses whilst catering to the distinct South Asian festival and cultural environment.

The programme is delivered by festival scholars and specialists from both the UK and South Asia.

Crafted for festival directors, founders, entrepreneurs, and senior figures within the arts and cultural festivals throughout South Asia, this course offers a 10-week intensive, structured skills enhancement programme.

The Intermediate Level course welcomes applications from festival directors, founders, entrepreneurs, and senior professionals in the arts and culture realm across South Asia.

Eligibility is contingent upon demonstrating significant experience in a top leadership position and having 5–10 years’ background in the festival and cultural sector.

The comprehensive fee per participant is £750, but with a £500 subsidy from the British Council, the net fee is reduced to £250.

For an in-depth overview of the South Asia Festival & Culture Academy and to register for the Intermediate Level course, please visit https://bit.ly/3FzeVLK.

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