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Sri Lanka Targets Digital Transformation to gain US $15 Billion by 2030


By: Staff Writer

January 20, Colombo (LNW): Sri Lanka’s future shines with digital possibilities, as outlined by Technology Minister Kanaka Herath at a recent conference.

The Minister emphasized the need to move beyond simply digitizing processes to a complete organizational overhaul driven by technology. This “digital transformation” aims to propel Sri Lanka onto the global stage.

Leveraging its strategic location and thriving service sector, Sri Lanka plans to expand beyond established areas like BPO, ICT, and tourism.

Education, health tourism, and agri-tourism are identified as promising avenues for growth. The manufacturing sector will also target niche markets through exports of value-added products.

DIGIECON 2030 is Sri Lanka’s ambitious roadmap for digital transformation, aiming for a $15 billion digital economy by 2030, a significant jump from $4.3 billion in 2023. This roadmap focuses on six key areas:

Nationwide Broadband Access: Connecting even the remotest corners by 2025 through the “Gamata Sanniwedanaya” project.

Building a Skilled Workforce: Equipping Sri Lanka with the digital talent needed through training programs.

Transforming Government Services: Boosting efficiency and transparency with a Unique Digital Identity and online payment platforms.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection: Safeguarding citizen data through a draft cyber security act and the Data Protection Authority.

Empowering SMEs and Digital Payments: Supporting small businesses with DIGIGO and promoting cashless transactions through Lanka QR.

Data-driven Agriculture and Agri-tourism: Optimizing agricultural yields with the IDAT project and attracting visitors through agri-tourism.

Sri Lankan marketers are urged to adapt to the digital wave, as global advertising spend shifts towards digital channels. Sri Lanka currently lags behind, with only 21% of its marketing budget allocated to digital. Collaboration between marketing and ICT industries is crucial to equip marketers with the necessary skills for the digital future.

Sri Lanka’s digital transformation journey presents immense opportunities, but also challenges. By embracing technology, investing in its people, and fostering collaboration.

Sri Lanka can unlock a future of efficiency, prosperity, and global reach. The path forward is clear, and the island nation is determined to seize the digital future.

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