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Sri Lanka to be promoted as premier wellness destination in France/Germany


By: Staff Writer

February 26, Colombo (LNW): Sri Lanka wellness tourism has been boosted by a ground-breaking strategic action plan by the Export Development Board (EDB) focusing attention on product development, brand evaluation and development as well as marketing strategy.

The objective of the project is to provide an overview and analysis of Sri Lanka’s wellness tourism capacity and define its unique selling propositions (USPs)

Based on the analysis, the assessment will provide key recommendations for a short-, medium- and long-term strategy to maintain and secure new markets to position the country as an attractive destination for wellness tourists.

The UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Australia have been recognised as initial focused markets to promote wellness tourism.

Interface Tourism, a leading marketing and communications agency in the tourism has announced the launch of a ground-breaking wellness campaign to promote Sri Lanka, targeted at the French and German markets.

This initiative, commissioned by the European Union Delegation with the support of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, is a part of Sri Lanka’s strategic effort to position itself as a premier wellness destination in Asia.

Interface Tourism is launching a 2-month digital campaign to promote Sri Lanka as the premier wellness destination in Asia, tapping into the burgeoning global wellness tourism market.

This initiative underscores Sri Lanka’s unparalleled wellness offerings, such as authentic Ayurveda, Yoga, meditation, Pancha Karma, and Hela Wedakama, against the backdrop of the country’s abundant biodiversity.

At the heart of the campaign are thirty influencers from France and Germany, embarking on journeys through Sri Lanka to share the country’s wellness experiences on their social media platforms, bringing to life the authentic and captivating aspects of their travels.

Supplementing these influencer stories is a well-crafted digital media strategy, featuring captivating video content, a lively social media footprint, and targeted display advertising.

A multilingual microsite further enriches the campaign, acting as a comprehensive source of information and experiences related to Sri Lanka’s wellness offerings.

The campaign commenced on 15 February with the introduction of six German influencers to Sri Lanka.

They are set to discover the country’s distinct landscapes, rich culture, and diverse wellness services. Their experiences will be broadcasted on Instagram and TikTok, providing a glimpse into their journeys to a global audience.

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Chairman Chalaka Gajabahu said, “This collaborative effort with the European Union in promoting wellness tourism segment through this campaign will definitely support the Srilankan Tourism stakeholders to capture a lucrative market having a great potential for Sri Lanka especially from the European countries.”

 He also expressed his sincere gratitude to the European Union, Interface Tourism and local industry for their contribution in making this campaign a success.

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