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Sri Lanka to enhance trade with Pakistan with joint efforts


Pakistan and Sri Lanka have good trade and diplomatic relations, which can be enhanced with joint efforts of both the countries, Jagath Abeywarna, Consul General of Sri Lanka, said on Thursday.

Total trade volume between Sri Lanka and Pakistan is $400 million, out of which Pakistan exports worth $300 million to Sri Lanka, while the latter exports worth $100 milllion to the former, the counsul general shared exchanging views at a meeting with Pakistan Yarn Merchants Association (PYMA).

The consul general said major items of exports tea and coconut were exported by Sri Lanka to different countries, and $11 million were exported to Pakistan in 2021. Whereas, income from the tourism sector was $3 million, he added.

Abeywarna stressed the Pakistani business community to enhance the level of exports in textile-related products.

“We will highly encourage Pakistan exporters to make business delegations in order to expand exports to Sri Lanka. In this respect collaboration between businessmen of both countries is the need of the day.”

Sohail Nisar, vice chairman PYMA, said Pakistan stands as Sri Lanka’s second-largest trading partner in South Asia.

He stressed the need to promote air and sea connectivity between the two countries to strengthen cooperation in trade and industry.

Nisar added that Pakistani products especially pharmaceuticals, rice, fruits, vegetables, cement and garments have a wide scope in the Sri Lankan market.

Similarly, Sri Lankan tea, wall tiles, floor tiles etc. have a wide scope in Pakistan.

Businessmen of both countries should make joint efforts for bilateral trade of goods according to the demand of each other’s countries, which would increase the volume of trade, he said.


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