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Sri Lanka’s Proposed Employment Act: Key Points Highlighted by Ministry of Foreign Employment and Labour

The Ministry of Foreign Employment and Labour has released a statement outlining the 34 key points of the proposed Employment Act, which is aimed at introducing a new unified labor law system in Sri Lanka. The key points highlighted in the proposed Employment Act are as follows:
  1. Prevention of discrimination in employment or in the workplace.
  2. Prevention of all forms of harassment and sexual violence in the workplace.
  3. Occupational safety, health, and welfare of employees.
  4. Removal of restrictions on the payment of gratuity.
  5. Introduction of equal payment methods for male workers in night shifts.
  6. Ensuring similar working terms and conditions for all employees.
  7. Mandating employers to provide written appointment letters to employees.
  8. Introduction of a 5-day week and flexible working hours.
  9. Relaxation of legal provisions for night work of women employees.
  10. Standardization of overtime working hours and calculations.
  11. Legal provisions for part-time employment.
  12. Regulations for trainees, apprentices, and working students.
  13. Provision for paternity leave.
  14. Rights and duties of employees working from home.
  15. Procedure for employing foreign employees in Sri Lanka.
  16. Inclusion of domestic work under labor law.
  17. Establishment of a National Remuneration Council for determining minimum wages.
  18. Time-bound provision of final disciplinary decisions.
  19. Prohibition of unfair labor practices by trade unions.
  20. Opportunity for legal action against unfair labor practices.
  21. Mandatory deduction of trade union membership fees from remuneration.
  22. Increased minimum number of members required to form a trade union.
  23. Mandatory representation of women on trade union executive boards.
  24. Requirements for notification and majority consent in strikes.
  25. Introduction of workplace rules for employers.
  26. Simplified termination process for redundant jobs.
  27. Permission for temporary layoffs under certain circumstances.
  28. Provision for one month’s advance notice for voluntary resignations.
  29. Revision of retirement age.
  30. Standards for dignity of labor in employment or profession.
  31. Establishment of a social security system.
  32. Performance evaluation of employment.
  33. Regulation of Man Power Supply institutes and Employment Agencies.
  34. Introduction of E-Wages system with legal provisions.
These key points aim to enhance labor rights, workplace safety, and fair employment practices in Sri Lanka as part of the proposed Employment Act.
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