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TRCSL warns people of buying non-registered mobile phones


By: Staff Writer

January 07, Colombo (LNW): The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) has announced that people should only buy mobile phones that have been approved by the Commission.

Addressing the media TRCSL Deputy Director of Compliance, Ms. M. Pathirana, requested consumers check the IMEI number to verify the phone they are hoping to buy has TRCSL approval.

The IMEI number is displayed on the cover of the mobile phone box. People can check the validity of the IMEI number by sending an SMS to 1909 (IMEI (space) 15-digit number and sending it to 1909). An instant reply message will be received stating whether the mobile phone is registered or not.

She requested that consumers buy only TRCSL-approved phones to prevent falling into trouble.

The TRCSL has announced that unregistered telecommunication devices equipped with a SIM card will be deactivated within the Cellular Mobile Telephone Operator’s Network.

The public is strongly advised to avail services exclusively from dealers who possess a vendor license issued by the TRCSL.

In accordance with the directives of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL), it is crucial for consumers to choose mobile phones that have received approval from the commission.

TRCSL emphasises the necessity of verifying the IMEI number before making a purchase.

This can be accomplished by sending a SMS to 1909 with the format “IMEI (space) 15-digit number.”

An instant reply message will confirm the registration status of the mobile phone. In a non-approved TRCSL phone, the dealer who sells unauthorised devices becomes unauthorised importer who has not paid any tax and the customer of such devices is likely, to be held responsible for relevant government taxes in case of any issues.

Failure to select a TRCSL-approved smartphone may result in various consequences for consumers.

These include the inability to claim warranties from suppliers, difficulties in obtaining one-to-one replacements, a shortage of spare parts for specific phone models, and, most critically, network and connection issues from telecommunications companies.

Such issues encompass frequency problems, bandwidth and coverage issues, as well as network connection losses.

Abans is a TRCSL licenced vendor, serving as the Authorised National Distributor for Motorola and OPPO brands, in addition to being distributors for VIVO and Techno, as well as the authorised reseller for Apple iPhones in Sri Lanka, assures customers that all its smartphones are imported only after obtaining TRCSL certifications.

The entire range of Apple, Motorola, and OPPO mobile phones imported by Abans undergoes rigorous testing by TRCSL to ensure network compatibility.

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