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Tycoon and Melwa Director Anandaraja Pillai escapes CID radar after July 09th uprising


Anandaraja Pillai, a director of Melwa Group and a well-known business tycoon, still remains at large after the July 09th insurgence where he openly endorsed the anti-government protesters who made the historic breach at the President’s House, while thousands of civilians are being tracked down and some arrested for their actions, sources said.

Steel wire kingpin Melwa is a company that holds the monopoly in the construction industry and became unimaginably rich during the previous Rajapaksa regime. Harboured under the Rajapaksa shelter, its Director Pillai became the owner of one of the five Super Bentley motor cars in Sri Lanka. The wealth the business tycoon collected during this period is yet to be comprehended that he has even built six Hilton hotels in different areas in the country including Yala.

Being blessed by the Rajapaksas for his grand entrance to the niche level of society, Pillai took his turn against the Rajapaksas by not only levelling himself with the anti-government protesters but also publicly releasing photographs of himself celebrating the July 09th victory by lying on the President’s bed.

The Police have so far arrested a number of civilians for trespassing and breaching the President’s House and even released photos to the media to identify others. The number grows by thousands as young boys and girls whose energetic and rebellious views against the ex president and the government drove them to breach the President’s House, but monopolies like Pillai, who claimed ownership to the ‘Aragalaya’ by openly posing himself to the camera, has not even been questioned to date.

It would be a question whether he has the current government and even the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) under his pedal as well.

Pillai has now removed all the photographs he posted on Social Media, but he goes on babbling that whoever comes to power will be under him in what he describes as his ‘method of subversion’, sources further said.


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