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Unity Plaza transforms to ultimate one-stop shop for all IT requirements.


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): Unity Plaza, the iconic commercial building in the heart of Colombo, has undergone a remarkable transformation, cementing its status as the country’s ultimate one-stop shop for all IT requirements.

Presently, Unity Plaza is serving 65% of the nation’s IT needs, with ambitious plans to expand that influence to command 90% of the market.

This renewal and innovation was spearheaded by Lanka Realty Investments PLC, subsequent to its acquisition of a 51% stake in On’ally Holdings PLC, the owner of Unity Plaza, in 2020.

Accordingly, Unity Plaza stands today as a symbol of progress, a hub for technology, and a showcase for the immense potential of Sri Lanka’s IT industry.

Archie Warman and Hardy Jamaldeen, the driving forces behind Lanka Realty Investments PLC, have worked tirelessly alongside Executive Director of Operations Tharsini Sarveshwaran, the Board of Directors, and the Management Team to usher in a new era for Unity Plaza.

Their vision, in alignment with the government’s broader plans for modernization, has truly revitalized this iconic establishment and repositioned it as Sri Lanka’s premier IT hub.

All Sri Lankans will get the opportunity to shop for their IT requirements under one roof at Unity Plaza.

It represents something more than an IT mall; it is a landmark, an intrinsic part of Sri Lanka’s IT culture and the embodiment of a quest for trailblazing transformation. It also demonstrates the true potential of public-private partnerships in driving success and innovation.

The roots of Unity Plaza date back to 25 June 1982, when On’ally Holdings Ltd was established. In 1991, the company made history by becoming one of the first public-private partnerships in Sri Lanka when it was listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange.

The late Onally Gulamhusein’s visionary project attracted the collaboration of the Urban Development Authority (UDA), setting a precedent for public-private partnerships in the country at the time.

The recent ambitious refurbishment has elevated Unity Plaza into a state-of-the-art IT hub, boasting modern amenities and contemporary interiors. This builds on the venue’s organic evolution into a semi-tech centre since its establishment, serving as a key nexus in Sri Lanka’s ever-evolving IT sector.

Under the new ownership and direction provided by Lanka Realty Investments PLC, Unity Plaza has seen a remarkable transformation.

The facility has been expanded to include five storeys of retail space and five floors of modern offices, enhancing overall shopping and work experiences, whilst increasing the available floor space.

Innovative additions like escalators and other modern amenities, together with the strategic clustering of IT shops have not only made it customer-friendly but also increased footfall.

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