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Announce ceasefire immediately to end the war that kills a child every 15 minutes – JVP


The JVP emphasizes that a cease-fire should be announced to end the genocide, including the killing of a child every 15 minutes by the Israeli and US military machinery, and the provision of much-needed food and medical aid to the Palestinian people.
The party has emphasized this regarding the war in Gaza strip by issuing a statement to the media. The full statement is published below.
The press release

As the Palestine Gaza Strip is being ruined relentlessly by Israeli and US war machines, killing a child every 15 minutes, we, the JVP Sri Lanka, emphasize the need for an immediate ceasefire to save lives and enable food and medical aid convoys to reach the Palestinian people.

The inhuman situation in Palestine was created not by the people who were living in Palestine before 1917 and, more accurately, 1948, but by the International community led by the United Nations. Its resolution promised to establish two separate states named Israel and Palestine to solve the tensions created by the infamous British policy of Divide and Rule. However, the United Nations and the International community have not fulfilled their promise to establish an Independent Palestine State even after 75 years. Due to this grave irresponsibility and imperialist politics, generations of Palestinian people, as well as the people of Israel, have been subjected to immense pain and hardships. Due to that, We insist the only solution for this bloody crisis is to establish an Independent Palestine as agreed by almost all Palestinian and Israeli governments, the United Nations and more than 136 countries of the World, including Srilanka.

While we appreciate the adoption of UN Resolution for an immediate ceasefire by the overwhelming majority of the countries of the World with 120 yes and an isolated tiny group of warmongers and its protectorates of US imperialists, it must be needed to say adopting resolutions in New York, and nothing implemented in Palestinian Gaza would become utterly useless. It again shows that the UN has become just a voice that does not have the means to implement its policies due to the imperialist project that has weakened and destroyed its base system for the last 30 years in a bid to replace it
with NATO-led so-called ‘Rules-based International order’, which no one knows any rules of. It is a wake-up call for all the Imperialistic sovereign countries to get together to defeat the Imperialist agenda to destroy the UN system (of course, it has many defects).

Also, we take this opportunity to appreciate the UN Secretary-General stating that the present conflict did not occur in a vacuum, thereby stressing the need to address the root cause of the problem and find a permanent solution for the Palestinians’ quest for freedom.

With great enthusiasm, we would like to pay our respect and tribute to the Hundreds of Millions of People of the whole World from Brazil, Washington, London, Roma, South Africa, Kerala, Malaysia to Australia, covering all continents of the World for their solidarity with Palestinian people. Which gives enormous moral power to Humanity. We would like to appreciate the brave and humane policy of the hundreds of thousands of Jewish people from all around the World for their solidarity with Palestinian people and saying the Israeli government to ‘NOT IN MY NAME’ a brave slogan used by the progressive people of Europe against Nazi atrocities during the second world war.

As such, we, the JVP Sri Lanka support,

  1. UN resolution to have an immediate Ceasefire
  2. The exchange of all prisoners and hostages of both sides as an immediate step to halt the most barbaric war in the 21st century .
    Finally, we would like to insist that the only way to establish peace in Palestine and Israel is to implement the Two State Solution, which means establishing a Free, Independent Palestinian state. By doing that, we can end the last colony of Asia and make the People of Israel and Palestine live peacefully side by side.

Thank you
Yours sincerely,
Deaprtment of International Realtions,
JVP Srilanka.

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