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Dr Mohan Bhagwat emphasizes on nature conservation, good governance, meaningful life


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat, while addressing its millions of followers across Bharat on the occasion of Vijayadashami (24 October 2023), emphasized on conserving the nature by saving water, removing plastics, and increasing greenery in and around the residential complexes. A lifestyle out of sync with nature is producing a string of new physical and mental-health issues amid unabashed consumerism.

Pollution, global warming, imbalance in seasonal cycles and the resultant natural disasters are increasing every year as a result of unreasonable exploitation of natural resources, asserted the RSS chief Bhagwat.

Vices and incidents of crime are on the rise. Families are breaking apart, as a sense of individualism deepens in the society, opined the RSS Sarsanghchalak, adding that terrorism, exploitation, and totalitarianism are getting a free run to wreak havoc. It has become abundantly clear that the world cannot counter these problems with its inadequate vision. Therefore, the world is looking towards Bharat expectantly to lead by example and show a new path to peace and prosperity, based on its own Sanatan (eternal) values and Sanskars.

“Let’s strengthen our reliance on Swa (or self), through Swadeshi. Wasteful expenditure ought to stop, too. Employment opportunities in the country should rise, and the country’s money (capital) should be used within, and in the interest of the country itself. Hence, the practice of Swadeshi should start from home. Law and order, and responsibilities as a citizen, should be followed by all. A climate of harmony and cooperation should prevail in the society,” said Bhagwat.

In presence of eminent musician Shankar Mahadevan, RSS Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosabale with a number of dignitaries, Sarsanghchalak Bhagwat elaborated about the celebration of Vijayadashami every year as the festival of strength (Shakti-Parv) symbolizing the complete triumph of humanity over demonism. This year, the festival has brought pride, joy and events that have been encouraging to all of us, he said adding that Bharat played host, as president, to a grouping of major countries called the G-20.

“Throughout the year, several programs of heads of states, ministers, administrators and intellectuals of member countries were organized at various places across Bharat. Inevitably, the experience of the warm hospitality extended by the people, Bharat’s glorious past, and the exciting developmental march that is underway, left the participants from all the countries greatly impressed,” said Bhagwat.

Bharat’s genuine goodwill and diplomatic tact in getting the African Union accepted as a member of the coveted G-20 and in getting the Declaration Resolution unanimously passed on the very first day of the Summit held in New Delhi in September this year. Due to Bharat’s distinct thoughts and vision, the guiding principle of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ has now been incorporated in the philosophy of the entire world. Thanks to Bharat’s endeavors, the economy-centric idea of G-20 has now transformed into human-centric.

He also appreciated the sportspersons who brought great pride and joy by winning 107 medals (28 gold, 38 silver and 41 bronze), leaping past the 100-mark for the first time in the Asian Games. The Chandrayaan Mission also gloriously showcased the resurgent Bharat’s strength, intelligence and tact. The will of the nation’s leadership seamlessly combined with the scientific knowledge and technical prowess of the scientists.  Vikram Lander touched down on the South Pole of the Moon for the first time in the history of the Space Age.

The endeavors and efforts of a nation are driven by the national ideals that serve the global purpose of that nation. Therefore, a temple for Ramlala, whose picture is depicted on a page of the original copy of Constitution, is being built in Ayodhya. Ramlala will be consecrated in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple on 22 January 2024. Lord Shri Ram personifies dignified conduct for the ancient nation and it’s the epitome of dutifulness and Dharma symbolizing the affection and compassion.

Bharat has emerged stronger after battling centuries of crises, and the nation is now certainly moving forward on the path of material and spiritual progress, stated Bhagwat adding that it’s 2550th year of Nirvana of Mahavir Swami, who showed the path of non-violence, kindness and morality to the entire world through his exemplary life. This was also the 350th year of coronation of Chattrapati Shivaji, who showed us the path of liberation from 350 years of foreign subjugation, by establishing the Hindavi Swaraj based on justice and public welfare.

This also happens to be the 200th birth anniversary of Dayanand Saraswati, who gave a clear and true vision of our Swa or self to the people of India through Satyarth Prakash to attain freedom from the British colonial rule. This year also marks the 150th birth anniversary of Shahuji Maharaj, the ruler of Kolhapur (Maharashtra), who with his welfarist vision and administrative acumen dedicated his life to rooting out social inequality. Further, the celebrations of 200th anniversary of Tamil saint Shrimad Ramalinga Vallalar was recently completed.

Terming the desire to preserve the identity of Bharat and that of Hindu society as natural,  Bhagwat stated, “It’s no surprise, then, that a crisis-ridden world expects Bharat to emerge with a new vision, germane to the times, and based on its own value systems, to meet the contemporary needs and challenges of the globe”. The world is facing the scourge of fanaticism, arrogance, and hysteria stemming from religious sectarianism, he added.

Due to the development trajectories based on inadequate, excessively materialistic and consumerist vision, humanity and nature are slowly but surely moving towards destruction. Bharat will have to abandon those unsuccessful paths or gradually turn back, creating its own distinct development path, in tune with the times, based on Bharatiya values and the overall unified and integral vision of our Bharat. Such a model of development would be eminently suitable for Bharat, and also serve as an exemplar for the entire world. We must shun the tendency of sticking to the old and unsuccessful paths, of blind imitation, inertia, and dogma, he asserted.

The purpose of Bharat’s rise has always been the welfare of the world. But as a natural consequence of this rise, the selfish, discriminatory and deceitful forces seeking their sectarian interests are subject to curbs and regulations. Hence, there is a continuous opposition from them. Although these forces wear the mask of some ideology or the other, and claim to be working for some lofty goals, their real objectives are something else. People with credibility, who genuinely work selflessly, irrespective of their ideology and whatever kind of work they do, always prove to be a hindrance for such deceitful and destructive forces.

“These destructive, all-devouring forces call themselves cultural Marxists or Woke, or the awakened ones. But they have forgotten Marx since the 1920s. They are opposed to all orderliness and morality, beneficence, culture, dignity and restraint in the world. In order for a handful of people to have a complete control over the entire human race, they reward, promote and spread anarchy and indiscretion. Their modus operandi involves taking control of the media and academia, and plunging education, culture, politics and social environment into confusion, chaos, and corruption. Such an environment enables the creation of a vicious cycle of fear, confusion and hatred,” stated Dr Bhagwat.

Talking about the current situation of Manipur, the RSS Sarsanghchalak questioned how the mutual discord and hatred suddenly erupted in the north-eastern State, which had been peaceful for almost a decade. Were there extremists from across the border also among those who committed violence? Why, and by whom, was an attempt made to give a communal tinge to this mutual conflict between the Meitei and Kuki communities, who were apprehensive about the future of their existence? Who has a vested interest in trying to drag and besmirch an organization like the RSS, which has been engaged in serving everyone without any bias for years, into this unfortunate incident without any reason?

“The permanent unity of society stems from a sense of belongingness, not from selfish pursuits. Ours is a very large society, with a remarkable breadth of diversity. Over time, some aggressive, violent traditions from foreign countries also infiltrated our country, yet our society remained a society based on these three elements. Therefore, when we talk about unity, we must bear in mind that this unity will not be achieved through any transactions or deals. If this unity is attained by force, it will get ruptured again and again. In today’s environment, many people are naturally worried after seeing the efforts being made to spread discord in the society,” said Bhagwat.

Misdeeds of an individual are extrapolated and portrayed as misdeeds of the entire community, and then war of words ensues, followed by provocative invocations and calls to action. Forces that want to break the country by making us quarrel also take full advantage of this situation. Thus, we often see that a small incident gets exaggerated and publicized in a dramatic manner. Statements expressing concern and warning are elicited from within the country and abroad. Tool kits that incite violence are activated and mutual suspicion and hatred are further intensified. All those who seek and favor harmony in the society need to be wary of these nefarious games.

Highlighting on the national elections due in early 2024, Bhagwat stated that attempts to harvest votes by inflaming emotions are not desirable, but they still keep happening. Let us avoid these things, as they hurt the unity of the society. To cast vote is the duty of every citizen, and we must follow it. Cast your vote keeping in mind the vital issues of unity, integrity, identity and development of the country, pointed out Bhagwat, adding that a nation prospers only when the society stays united and vigilant, and makes selfless efforts in all domains of human enterprise.

Finally, the RSS chief commented that a nation attains glory and radiance when the governance is welfare-oriented, and administration people-centric, driven by sustained cooperation based on the ideals of Swa. When a nation, full of vigor and glory, has a culture like Bharat’s Sanatan culture, which embraces everyone as its family, which guides us from darkness to light, from untruth to truth, and which leads us from mortality to the immortal life of meaningfulness, then that nation restores the balance of the world and brings the world the blessings of a happy and peaceful new life.

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