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Exposing a Web of Deceit: Nilantha Ilangamuwa’s Sinister Connections to Terrorism, Espionage, and Sexual Scandal

An alarming and threatening maze of activities surrounding Nilantha Ilangamuwa has surfaced. The shadows he casts reveal a man of dubious integrity and frightful intentions. These startling revelations disclose a profile of an individual involved in espionage, scandalous behavior, and nefarious plots, all directed at destabilizing national intelligence operations across Asia. Within 12 hours of publishing a report on the “CIA’s Shadow in Hong Kong: Unveiling the Manipulation of Uyghur Militancy,” Ilangamuwa, a public imposter and self-proclaimed intelligence officer, lashed out at Blitz editor Mr. Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. His vile threats were direct and menacing, “You bloody journalist, I work with Sri Lankan intelligence, and tomorrow morning I’ll send Bangladeshi intelligence to pick you up. You don’t know, I’m a very high official in Sri Lankan intelligence, and I’ve connections with very high officials in Bangladesh and many other countries.” Meanwhile, on August 18, 2023, in an email titled ‘Formal Complaint Regarding Misleading News Report and Request for Rectification and Justice’ sent to Md. Abdul Kayowm Sarker, of the Ministry of Public Administration in Bangladesh, Nilantha Ilangamuwa admitted of his previous affiliation with AHRC and said, “presently, I am honoured to serve the Government of Sri Lanka in a responsible capacity”. In the same email, he wrote:
“Please be advised that copies of my correspondence have been sent to the Bangladesh High Commission in Sri Lanka and the highest authority in Bangladesh for their awareness and attention. This matter hold implications beyond individual reputations, as it pertains to the veracity of information being disseminated and its broader impact on the public discourse”.
It’s worth noting that the actions taken by Nilantha Ilangamuwa, as outlined in the aforementioned email, are not only deceptive but also reveal a startling ignorance of basic protocols. In a misguided attempt to reach the “highest authority” in Bangladesh, Ilangamuwa sent the email to the Ministry of Public Administration, a department that bears no relation whatsoever to newspapers, news items, or foreign nationals. This blunder showcases his lack of understanding and competence in matters where even a basic awareness should prevail. Furthermore, Ilangamuwa’s mischaracterization of Blitz as a “news portal” belies the reality that it is a respected 20-year-old newspaper, officially registered by the Bangladesh Government and operating with both print and online editions. This erroneous description is more than a mere oversight; it’s an indication of Ilangamuwa’s desperation and fear in response to the report titled ‘CIA’s Shadow in Hong Kong: Unveiling the Manipulation of Uyghur Militancy.’ These missteps not only cast doubt on his credibility but also highlight a deficiency in even the elementary knowledge expected of a junior reporter, painting a portrait of incompetence and irresponsibility that mars his professional reputation.

A Network of Deception and Crime

Ilangamuwa’s alarming connections with Jihadis involved in the Easter Sunday Bombing in Sri Lanka in 2020 and his assistance to Islamist militants add another layer of terror to his profile. Moreover, he has actively provided assistance to Islamist militants within Sri Lanka. The layers of his dark machinations became more apparent last year when he orchestrated a dangerous conspiracy against the Indian intelligence agency RAW. Publishing several false reports against RAW, he claimed that RAW had formed a special unit to rescue Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. This bogus news was later exposed and debunked by Blitz, forcing Sri Lanka Guardian to remove those false reports and issue an apology.

A Path Lined with Scandals and Deceit

Ilangamuwa’s previous association with the Asian Human Rights Foundation was marred by allegations, including sexual scandals. He was booted out, with Mr. Basil Fernando of AHRC labeling him “a congenital liar.” Further scrutiny revealed his fraudulent activities on LinkedIn, claiming to be a “Senior Manager at Sri Lanka Ports Authority.” A high-placed source exposed Ilangamuwa’s links to transnational drug trafficking rackets, exploiting Sri Lanka’s ports for illegal activities. Ilangamuwa’s credibility continues to crumble. His past association with the Asian Human Rights Foundation is stained with allegations including sexual scandals. Fernando’s disdain for Ilangamuwa is clear: “Mr. Ilangamuwa is no journalist at all. He is merely a Cut and Paste maestro. He may perhaps one day claim Cut and Paste Nobel Prize.

Deception on Linkedin

Ilangamuwa’s public profile on LinkedIn asserts that he is a “Senior Manager at Sri Lanka Ports Authority.” However, an anonymous source within the Sri Lanka Port Authority has unveiled a chilling reality. Ilangamuwa has been exploiting the country’s economic hardship and his new identity to aid transnational drug trafficking rackets in using Sri Lankan ports for their illegal activities.
Nilantha ILANGAMUWA's deceptive Linkedin Profile
Nilantha ILANGAMUWA’s deceptive Linkedin Profile

Sexual Relations with Jessica

The twisted saga of Nilantha Ilangamuwa’s exploits takes an even darker turn with the revelation of a sexual scandal involving Jessica Fernando, the daughter of Basil Fernando. The illicit relationship, shrouded in secrecy and manipulation, evolved into a nefarious plot wherein Jessica was to be made executive director, with Nilantha poised to take over the organization. But like a shadow play gone awry, the plans were derailed by accusations of adultery, levied by Nilantha against Jessica, setting off a catastrophic chain of events. Amid the turmoil, allegations of corruption, financial fraud, and further sexual misconduct came to light, culminating in Nilantha’s expulsion and the revocation of his visa. This sordid affair underscores the depth of deceit and betrayal that seems to define Nilantha Ilangamuwa’s path, leaving behind a trail of broken trust, shattered lives, and a shameful tag of a “congenital liar.”

Undercover Activities and Dark Organizations

Ilangamuwa’s activities don’t end there. He was intricately linked to the Srilanka Guardian, which was supported by the suspicious organization AHRC. Investigations have revealed AHRC’s money laundering rackets and involvement in espionage against China. The organization also has a disturbing pattern of sexual perversion among its members. Ilangamuwa’s editorial role at Sri Lanka Guardian opened a can of worms, revealing his ties to AHRC, an organization suspected of money laundering and espionage against China, as well as sexual perversion among its members. The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), an organization with dubious intentions and activities, has been linked to an alarming scheme of espionage against China. It is alleged that the AHRC brings groups of females from various countries to Hong Kong as interns, only to deploy them later in sinister espionage activities directed against the Asian giant. But this shocking revelation is merely the tip of the iceberg. Digging deeper, the AHRC is also found to be directly involved in money-laundering operations, concealed under the garb of a casino business. This dual involvement in both espionage and financial crime illustrates a complex and troubling pattern that aligns the AHRC with some of the most malignant forces operating on the international stage. The convergence of these activities under the umbrella of a purported human rights organization not only shatters its façade of integrity but also unveils a nefarious agenda that could destabilize diplomatic relations and undermine regional security.

Endorsement of Terror: Ilangamuwa and LTTE

Adding to the dark mosaic of Nilantha Ilangamuwa’s character is his endorsement and sentimental connection with the LTTE, a terrorist organization known for its brutal tactics and separatist agenda. Sri Lanka Guardian, under Ilangamuwa’s influence, openly endorsed the LTTE’s terrorist activities, quoting Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, a New York-based Attorney and former legal advisor to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The chilling affirmation, “his (Prabhakaran) vision, his dedication, his determination, his passion, his resilience, are always with us,” showcases Ilangamuwa’s alignment with forces that have sown discord and violence in the region. This unabashed embrace of extremist ideology not only casts a shadow over his journalistic integrity but also raises serious questions about his complicity in fanning the flames of terror and separatism. The implications of these connections reverberate far beyond Sri Lanka’s shores, signaling a dangerous alliance that threatens stability and peace in South Asia. Further probing into the Sri Lanka Guardian revealed fake author profiles created by Ilangamuwa. One such profile under the name “Aniruddh Patel” states, “Aniruddh Patel is a political analyst who has advised many South Asian countries on National security and intelligence issues.” The unraveling of Nilantha Ilangamuwa’s dark web paints a terrifying picture of a man embroiled in a dangerous game of deception, threats, sexual scandals, and other criminal activities. The exposure of his wide-reaching connections, illicit dealings, and personal betrayals is a stark reminder of the hidden forces that lurk behind the facade of journalism and intelligence in South Asia. In a decisive move to confront the numerous criminal activities allegedly tied to Nilantha Ilangamuwa, Blitz is actively preparing to bring these matters to the forefront of governmental oversight. The concerns will be formally addressed to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as to key intelligence and law enforcement agencies within the country. This initiative highlights the urgency and gravity of the allegations, underscoring the necessity for a thorough and transparent investigation. Furthermore, the Editor of Blitz is poised to extend this matter to the media landscape, planning to engage Sri Lankan newspapers and television channels to ensure wider coverage. By leveraging the reach and influence of multiple channels, the intention is not only to expose the alleged wrongdoings of Ilangamuwa but also to foster a public dialogue around accountability, integrity, and the rule of law. This multi-pronged approach signifies a determined effort to combat corruption and uphold the principles that govern responsible journalism and civic duty.
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