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Government bowled over by Samantha Vidyaratne’s electricity project

The government, alarmed by the provision of solar panels to low-income families by the JVP activists, including Samantha Vidyaratne, a former Parliamentarian of the party, under the name “Anduren Eliyata” (From darkness into the light), advertised that 25,000 low-income households would be provided solar electricity free of charge. On the 15th, the government-run Dinamina newspaper headlined, “25,000 low-income houses to get free solar power – 11,000 half-completed houses already selected.” On August 13, 200 low-income families were given solar power kits under the ‘From darkness into the light’ programme. After that, some essential facts are revealed regarding government’s the propaganda. The most important of which is that the government had selected 11,000 families to provide solar electricity. With 15 projects implemented between 2015 and 2019, none were provided with solar electricity. Despite this, it has been advertised that 14,000 families will be selected and given solar power kits. Samantha Vidyaratne had written on his Facebook page about providing solar light kits to take people out of darkness. Bottle lamps in 200 families removed – Light for 200 families with solar power. The total number of families in Badulla district is 214,900. According to the 2021 data report released by the Badulla District Secretariat 28,899 families still get their light from bottle lamps. 200 families whose children are studying with the light of bottle lamps in Ridhimaliyadda Divisional Secretariat Division of Badulla district were selected, and a small solar panel and bulb kit was distributed to the first group on August 13 at Ridhimaliyadda Netra Computer School. The “From darkness into the light” programme was implemented by Sri Lankan friends led by Mr Chandra Fernando, who lives in Australia. Mr Sudath Almeida made a special contribution to this, and Netra Computer School and Liberation Forum made the organizational contribution.

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