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New Polpitiya-Hambantota Transmission Line and Grid Substation Enhance Power Network

August 24, 2023 A significant stride has been achieved in Sri Lanka’s power infrastructure as the newly constructed Polpitiya-Hambantota 220kV transmission line is now seamlessly integrated into the national grid following the completion of its preliminary work. In parallel, the modern grid substation located in Hambantota was energized on Thursday, August 24, as announced by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). This transformative project, funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with an investment of USD 55 million, is aimed at elevating the efficiency and capacity of Sri Lanka’s power transmission system. The project encompasses the development of the Polpitiya-Hambantota 220kV transmission line as well as the establishment of the new Hambantota grid substation. Covering a distance of 150 kilometers, the transmission line traverses through 11 Divisional Secretariats from Ambagamuwa to Hambantota, boasting a robust line capacity of 580MVA. Complementing this transmission enhancement, the Hambantota new grid substation has been fully realized, equipped with two power transformers boasting a combined capacity of 500MVA. The implementation of these infrastructure components is anticipated to fortify the power grid in the southern part of the country. The improvements are set to amplify the reliability of power supply and augment the power transfer capabilities both to and from the Southern region, a development warmly welcomed by the CEB. The successful culmination of this project underscores Sri Lanka’s commitment to advancing its energy infrastructure, bolstering the nation’s capacity to meet growing energy demands while enhancing the overall stability and resilience of the power network.

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