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SL–Italy Blue Economy Association green maritime transformation in Indian Ocean.


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): The Ceylon Italy Blue Economy Association (CIBEA) today unveiled its pioneering strategy to contribute to decarbonising maritime transport in the Indian Ocean, with a steadfast commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

“Sri Lanka and Italy, both nations with rich maritime traditions, are uniquely positioned to lead the transition to a greener maritime future.

Our ultimate goal is to champion the development of a Hydrogen Value Chain in Sri Lanka, focusing on bunkering and transshipment of green fuels in the region and beyond, centred in Trincomalee Port, in collaboration with an Italian-led international consortium open to partnerships with local and global investors,” said CIBEA President and Hitechrome Ltd. Director Vittorio Coco.

Coco emphasized, “Sri Lanka’s strategic location along major shipping routes features the unparalleled deep-water natural port of Trincomalee, poised to become the central hub for green bunkering and the transshipment of green fuels across the entire Indian Ocean Rim.”

He added, “Italy, recognized as a global leader in clean energy technologies, has a rich history of successful industrial clusters, serving as a source of cutting-edge solutions in different sectors.

Italy’s expertise and innovation in EU-funded Hydrogen Valleys projects could be leveraged as a blueprint for similar initiatives in the field of hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia production in Sri Lanka.”

“In the face of the global climate crisis, the maritime industry has been identified as a significant contributor to carbon emissions from ships and ports.

Therefore, we envision the building of a Hydrogen Value Chain in Sri Lanka, mitigating GHGs (Greenhouse Gases) impact by developing the Port of Trincomalee as a Hub for Green Fuels Bunkering and Green Fuels Transshipment. Here is our suggested roadmap to the future developer of the project,” Coco explained.

CIBEA’s visionary approach to enlarge on a global scale this Road Map also involves the creation of a network of Green Corridors adopting Trincomalee Port as a vital node.

A Green Shipping Corridor is a dedicated and strategically planned route for maritime transportation, designed in collaboration with stakeholders such as shipping companies, port authorities, environmental organizations, certification organizations and governmental bodies.

This corridor prioritises the adoption of green technologies and practices, aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping activities.

It serves as a platform for collective efforts to create a more sustainable and eco-conscious pathway in the shipping industry, aligning with the interests and commitments of diverse stakeholders.

According to Coco, the primary focus of CIBEA is on establishing a green corridor linking Genoa, Italy, to Singapore via Port of Neom (Saudi Arabia), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and Trincomalee, potentially partnering with world-renowned groups such as Lloyd’s Register and Bureau Veritas.

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