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Extreme and SLTPB collaborate to boost adventure tourism


Extreme, a world-leading, purpose-driven adventure brand, has announced a strategic collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) aimed at transforming Sri Lanka into a world-class adventure and leisure destination.

Extreme is a world-leading, purpose-driven adventure brand whose vision is to drive positive change through extreme and adventure sports.

This exciting partnership will leverage Extreme’s expertise in adventure sports, hospitality, and tourism to enhance the appeal of Sri Lanka for global adventure enthusiasts and leisure travellers.

The partnership was sealed last week during a short ceremony that took place on the Sri Lanka Tourism stand at the World Travel Market in London, where a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Extreme CEO and Founder Alistair Gosling and SLTPB Chairman Chalaka Gajabahu.

With over 25 years’ experience in the global extreme and adventure sports industry, Extreme will support the Sri Lankan Government’s agenda to drive an active, healthy lifestyle, sport participation, positive mental health, job creation, infrastructure investment as well as support local communities and tourism through adventure sports in the destination.

“This partnership is testament to Extreme’s commitment to drive positive change through extreme and adventure sports, across global destinations, regardless of their size or location.

Sri Lanka’s renowned natural beauty, rich ecosystem and culture and amazing topography, offers the perfect canvas to cater to adventure tourism and hospitality.

The Extreme Destinations development team is looking forward to being part of the journey to bring adventure sports hospitality and experiences to this destination,” said Alistair Gosling.

Adventure tourism is playing a key role in helping Sri Lanka rebuild its economy after a turbulent few years for the South Asian nation.

The country’s tourism sector was particularly affected in recent years due to a foreign currency crisis resulting from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic which led to months of food and fuel shortages, along with runaway inflation and prolonged blackouts.

One of the main strategies is to diversify their offerings and target those seeking adventure holidays.

“We are not going to try and make Sri Lanka expensive but we want to make it the destination of choice when it comes to affordable luxury”, said Harin Fernando, Sri Lankan Minister of Tourism and Lands.

“We have just launched the Pekoe Trail, a 23-day hike through the mountains — that’s just one of the adventures we are offering,”.“We’re also investing in marine diving, mountain climbing and hiking, he said,

“Another activity we are looking to bring to Sri Lanka is ski diving.”Visitors from the GCC will play a key role in ensuring Sri Lanka continues to rebound from its troubles in recent years, the minister added.

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